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System Design and Fabrication

NuVision Engineering  has been designing, building, testing, demonstrating, and deploying waste retrieval systems in the US for more than 15 years. Given the inherent benefits of the technology, much of our work has focused on Power Fluidic™ retrieval systems but more recently we have supplied turnkey retrieval systems that have used other technologies (e.g., remote crawlers, HydroLance retrieval systems) to complete waste remediation projects. NVE has a comprehensive engineering capability to develop, prove, and then implement the optimum solution for a given retrieval requirement.

Detailed Design

NuVision Engineering has more than 100 engineers and technologists with skills and experience spanning a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines. Our Power Fluidics Center of Excellence in North Carolina has a core team with more combined man-hours of experience in the design of Power Fluidic waste retrieval, sampling, mixing and pumping systems than any other single organization worldwide.

Our typical design process includes the preparation of the following:

  • System overview document
  • Process flow diagram
  • Process and instrumentation diagram
  • Mechanical and electrical general arrangements
  • Detailed design drawings
  • Equipment manuals

The following reviews are typically conducted during the design process:

  • Design reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with customer requirements, code and regulatory requirements, verification and review of calculations and analyses, and the application of value engineering principles and compliance with good engineering practice
  • Reliability and maintainability assessment
  • HAZOP,  comprehensive failure events analysis and consequence of failure analysis

In all projects undertaken by NVE, a “fail-safe” approach to design is adopted. This ensures that all equipment or processes do not directly or indirectly lead to an unsafe condition in the case of any loss of service or other off-normal condition identified during the safety review stages. In addition, we adopt an approach to design of control systems which ensures that operators can observe and monitor the progress of operations inside and outside the tank at all times. Maximum use is made of remote camera systems providing real time visibility of retrieval operations to the operator. Controls are designed to feed all appropriate signals from monitoring instrumentation to the operator control station. Alarm signals and emergency shutdown devices are provided and are readily visible, audible, and accessible as appropriate.

Fabrication and Manufacture

We subcontract the work to a select group of qualified machining and fabrication vendors with suitable facilities, capabilities and experience.

Before being contracted by NVE, all potential vendors are assessed to ensure that every aspect of their operation, including management systems and quality programs, are acceptable.

All elements of a complete fluidic system ranging from individual components to complete skid-mounted process modules such as the fluidic air control shown below are manufactured under NVE’s management and guidance to ensure that the final product meets the customer’s requirements. 

Installation of In-Tank Component of Retrieval System for 60,000 Gallon Tanks at Oak Ridge.


NVE engineers directly install retrieval systems and equipment or alternatively provide comprehensive support to customers by overseeing all aspects of equipment installation and commissioning. This includes complete systems or individual components, link and delivery pipework, valves, regulators, and controls.

For a typical fluidic system installation, components are inspected to ensure that they are installed correctly and without defects. Piping configurations and methods of regulating system pressure are checked to ensure that they are compatible with fluidic system control requirements. Finally, we take responsibility to verify that the installation is correct, and no changes have been made that could impact original system modeling assumptions and hence performance.

Commissioning and Operations

Proper system commissioning is essential to ensure that the any equipment operates safely and with optimum efficiency. For a typical system, the process begins with development of comprehensive commissioning checklists and operating procedures that will be used in the field to set equipment to work and if required, formally train and certify operators.  Depending on customer requirements, NVE technicians may operate the equipment either throughout the campaign or until effective handover to customer operators can take place. Our detailed knowledge of fluidic system design and control requirements means we are uniquely qualified to train others or operate fluidic equipment to ensure that optimum safety and performance are achieved.

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