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Remote Handling System

As cleanup challenges increase there is a growing need for the design, development and implementation of remote systems both to accelerate the schedule of decommissioning and decontamination as well as to improve safety to workers. In particular, remote systems are necessary for the D&D of facilities such as hot cells where radioactivity is too high to allow human entry and for excavation purposes where either the soil is highly contaminated or where there may be unknown hazards such as drums of contaminated or pyrophoric wastes which could cause harm to workers. Remote systems are also becoming more prevalent in other areas such as remote maintenance of facilities (e.g. melters) and routine material handling.

NuVision Engineering has been designing, fabricating and deploying remote systems for more than 20 years and has an extensive track record of successful projects utilizing both its in-house ARTISAN, heavy duty manipulator and third party technologies such as remote crawlers. In all cases, NuVision Engineering approaches the technical or operational challenge from a solutions perspective and integrates its engineering and remote systems know-how to develop and implement a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution. NuVision Engineering’s expertise in this area is widely recognized and has been selected by three teams recently to respond to IDIQ-type contracts with the US Dept of Energy.

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