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Management & Technical Consulting

NuVision Engineering has been involved in the US cleanup program since 1994 and has developed a wealth of knowledge on both technical and programmatic aspects of the effort. This consistency of involvement has resulted in NuVision Engineering participating in a number of activities in general support of the program including Technical Roadmap development, participation in technical reviews, communications strategy planning and implementation as well as facilitating interactions between DOE and their equivalent agencies overseas. Recent examples of this type of support include;

International Technology Transfer
There is a growing appreciation that, with decreasing technology development budgets and increasing pressure on completing the cleanup mission as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, there is a greater benefit in collaboration and joint Technology Development & Deployment, (TDD) efforts between Government agencies. The US DOE and the UK NDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2007 in which both parties agreed that there was mutual benefit in working together to share lessons learned and information on developing and applying technologies and approaches to needs in a number of areas including cleanup and D&D. With that in mind, NuVision Engineering was approached early in 2008 to play a role in facilitating cooperation and identifying areas where focused effort could bring the greatest return for both the EM and the UKNDA programs. Since that time NuVision Engineering has played a major role in identifying mutual areas of interest and working with both NDA and DOE to progress these areas through the initial stage through to the stage where joint technology development programs have been implemented. More recently, NuVision Engineering has been contracted to expand this support to facilitate and manage interactions between USDOE and AECL in Canada.

Program Optimization: We have introduced and refined a process that has been used effectively in the UK for systematically identifying and evaluating options to help solve complex problems with clarity and confidence. The process is particularly powerful where there is a high level of stakeholder interest or influence and where there are conflicting requirements that need to be balanced such as in the EM cleanup program.

For example, we  have applied the process with the Office of Technology Innovation and Demonstration (EM30), Office of Waste Processing (EM31) and the Office of D&D and Facility Engineering (EM44), to identify and agree a list of projects which constituted the optimum program of work from a ‘Return on Investment’ and ‘Risk reward’ basis.

Programmatic Support
NuVision Engineering has supported Technical Roadmap, Multiyear Program Planning and Business Plan Development activities within EM30 and its predecessor organizations for many years. We have also supported DOE management in the development, refinement and implementation of an effective communications strategy to better ensure that the stakeholders (Congress, other DOE sites, regulators etc) are made aware of the many successes of the program. Members of our engineering and technical staff have also participated in external technical review teams as requested. 
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