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Grout Formulation, Plant Design and Operation

Through its sister company, Inutec, NuVision Engineering provides access to one of the leading radioactive waste management companies in Europe whose expertise, independence and track record are highly regarded worldwide. We have proven experience providing effective, innovative, practical and cost effective decommissioning and waste management solutions to the nuclear industry and non-nuclear generators of radioactive waste in the US and UK. This experience includes a comprehensive range of operational waste treatment services provided both on and off our customers’ sites.

Our areas of expertise encompass:

  • grout formulation, demonstration and implementation
  • evaluation of innovative waste fillers, encapsulants and binders
  • measurement of wasteform/waste package gas generation 
  • full-scale waste package demonstration and assessment 
  • simulant development and production
  • wasteform development 
  • Stabilization process development and optimization. 
  • Product performance evaluation. 
  • Plant design support.

We have been involved in a wide range of projects where this expertise has been applied including:

  • Support to the USDOE in the development and performance testing of formulations for the cementation of a range of high nitrate wastes, 
  • Design, manufacture and construction of a facility for the treatment and immobilization of MTR waste liquors 
  • Development of cement formulations on a range of wastes including borates, active effluent treatment plant sludges, ion exchange resins, decontamination solutions.
  • Product development and full scale product evaluation for a number of waste streams including reactor sludge, test reactor reprocessing raffinate, supercompacted waste and decommissioning wastes.
  • Construction and operation of an in-drum cementation plant for encapsulation of low level wastes. 
Remote Handled Cementation Plant for Treating Thoria Waste, UK
Remote Handled Cementation Plant for Treating Thoria Waste, UK

Cementation Plant During Installation
Cementation Plant During Installation


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