Legacy Waste Management
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Legacy Waste Management

Waste Management Picture 1Governments worldwide manage aggressive National Programs to safely and cost-effectively clean up the legacy wastes remaining from their Nation’s nuclear production and development programs. The depth and breadth of these programs require applied and transformational research, engineering, development, demonstration, validation, evaluation and site implementation in waste processing, soils and groundwater, nuclear fuels management and decommissioning and are some of the most complex and far-reaching science and engineering programs in Government today.

NuVision Engineering has been supporting these programs in the US, UK and Canada for nearly 20 years and has been successful in identifying, evaluating, designing, developing, demonstrating and implementing innovative technologies and approaches at a number of key sites including Hanford, Oak Ridge, Savannah River, Idaho, Los Alamos, Fernald, West Valley, Mound, Sellafield and Dounreay.

In particular, NuVision Engineering has successfully ‘bridged the gap’ between development and demonstration of new and innovative technologies and approaches and implementing them in the field. This gives NuVision Engineering a unique position in the marketplace in being able to transition ideas and innovation into practice.
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