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NuVision Engineering Invests in the Next Generation of Engineers

September 02, 2011

Mooresville, NC

This summer, six high school students aged 16-17 joined Dave Lashley, and the rest of the Mooresville NuVision Engineering office, for the NuVision Engineering Young Engineer Summer Internship Program.  The students, who attend Pine Lake Preparatory in Mooresville, are part of Team SPORK, a group of 31 students who hope to gain real world experience in engineering, programming, web design, computer graphics and entrepreneurial business. 

The program, which is designed to integrate the students into working teams of engineers, has a very steep learning curve, and the students are expected to perform from day one. They were issued tasks including contacting component vendors, researching technical information relating to components, receipt inspections, component assembly and system testing following established test protocols. They also worked as part of the team developing a representative test mockup of a customer facility which will enable full scale testing to be performed.  The students each worked alongside the NuVision engineering team for four weeks, in groups of two at a time, and all of the work they performed was on deliverable, customer funded projects. 

The program also benefitted the NuVision Engineers who acted as mentors as they gained valuable experience leading and directing the interns. Upon completion of the intern program, each student was given a certificate of achievement and a gift card in appreciation for their successful efforts.  Dave was excited to have the Team SPORK students for the summer.  He noted how intelligent and committed each participant was, and explained that he plans on introducing new students to the program in the summer of 2012.   


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