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NuVision Engineering and Westinghouse Apply MSIP® to Salem Unit 2 Reactor Vessel Nozzles

November 1, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA

NuVision Engineering and Westinghouse Electric Company have applied Mechanical Stress Improvement Process (MSIP®) to the reactor vessel inlet nozzles at the Salem Unit 2 Nuclear Plant located in New Jersey. This application was completed during the Fall 2009 outage. PSE&G selected MSIP® to eliminate the chance of stress corrosion cracking in the plants nozzle to safe end dissimilar metal piping welds on all eight reactor vessel nozzles. MSIP® was successfully applied to Salem Unit 1 in the fall of 2008.

MSIP®, developed and owned by NuVision Engineering, is a mechanical process that permanently prevents or mitigates stress corrosion cracking in piping and welds containing Alloy 600 by generating a compressive stress pattern from the pipe inside surface to more than halfway through the wall thickness. NuVision and Westinghouse are exclusively partnered to offer this technology to utilities with pressurized water reactors.

MSIP® was applied to mitigate stress corrosion cracking of the nozzle-to-safe-end welds on the four hotleg inlet reactor vessel nozzles, in response to the MRP-139 requirements developed by EPRI.

Stress corrosion cracking as a result of excessive tensile stress is a recognized problem which can compromise nuclear plant safety and availability. NuVision’s Mechanical Stress Improvement Process (MSIP®) is a patented process, invented and developed by NuVision Engineering, for preventing or mitigating stress corrosion cracking in operating nuclear plant pipe weldments. The process works by removing tensile residual stress and generating a favorable compressive stress pattern in its place. MSIP® has been successfully applied to more than 6000 welds worldwide as a form of permanent mitigation.

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