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Shutdown Cooling Nozzle Dam Project at Palo Verde


On May 2, 2008, a team of NuVision Engineering personnel led by Brad Fasel traveled to Palo Verde Nuclear Station to remove a pneumatic SDC Dam NuVision had placed inside the Unit 2 hot leg shutdown cooling nozzle.   The SDC Dam was successfully removed by the NuVision team on May 3rd.  The customer, Arizona Public Service, was very appreciative of NuVision Engineering’s efforts to design, procure, test, qualify, install and remove the SDC Dam on an expedited schedule.  The SDC Dam was used to allow flood-up of the reactor vessel and completion of core barrel inspections while APS cut out and relocated a valve in the shut down cooling piping.  According to Mike Windsor, APS Director Strategic Projects, the NuVision dam allowed APS to save nine and a half days of critical path time. 


Highlights of the NuVision team’s efforts include: 

  • Award of a sole source contract for the work due to our previous success at Palo Verde supporting units 1, 2, and 3 steam generator replacements with our pipe decontamination process.     
  • Completion of the design, procurement, and factory acceptance testing of the SDC Dam in less than 30 days.
  • Installation of the SDC Dam inside the hot leg nozzle in less than 3 minutes and with a team dose of ~ 93 mR.  Deflation and removal of the SDC Dam in 3 minutes with a team dose of ~166 mR.   Measurements of the dose rate inside the hot leg included areas as high as 6K mR/hour emphasizing the need for a well coordinated installation and removal effort.   

The NuVision Engineering project team included Project Manager Brad Fasel, Project Engineer Stephen Smith, and installation specialists Elray Henderson, Jim Lancz, and Brian Metcalf. 

The photo above shows the SDCN dam. The photo below shows a scene from mockup training.  


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