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Program Prioritization Progressing Well


NuVision Engineering and its UK-based subcontractor Cogentus are continuing to progress the Program Prioritization effort for both the Office of Waste Processing (EM21) and the Office of D&D and Facility Engineering (EM23). The EM21 IDT Leads have completed the data sheets necessary for the prioritization process and are preparing to participate in the "scoring workshop" to be held in Denver on July 28-August 1. On the D&D side, a team of knowledgeable participants from DOE HQ, PPPO, SRS, ORNL, RL/ORP, FIU, NuVision Engineering and EFCOG D&D Working Group has been assembled and will be holding a workshop on August 5 and 6 to identify D&D technology needs across the complex. These two initiatives are major steps towards the implementation of a common approach to program prioritization throughout EM20.

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