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AEA Technology is contributing to the safety of police forces with its RAPTOR® series of hydraulic manipulators. Frequently officers have to place themselves in harm’s way to break through plaster walls or cut through cast iron gratings in order to gain access to a building where alleged fugitives may be taking refuge. Current remote manipulator technology is based on electric systems which do not have the strength to accomplish these tasks on a repeat basis leading to excessive costs in replacement of gearboxes as well as compromised safety of officers. AEA Technology's RAPTOR® manipulator system is based on hydraulic technology and is much more reliable and adept at heavy duty operations. Indeed, AEA Technology recently supplied 46 systems to the Israeli police force which have been used for a number of applications including removal of heavy munitions and remote operation of firearms to gain access to the trunk of suspicious vehicles.
A further application of the system currently being considered is in the support of airport police to address the issue of safe removal of potential explosive devices from aircraft. Currently, when an explosive is discovered, flight attendants are trained to move the device to an emergency exit and a small electric manipulator removes the bomb. The AEA Technology RAPTOR® system is much larger and is able to reach into the aircraft to collect the device and remove it from the aircraft without the intervention of the flight attendant.
In addition to these applications, AEA Technology is also working with NABCO to provide another variation of the system to aid in the disposal of larger munitions.  Currently, small robots are used to load suspect devices into reinforced steel spheres which are then towed away from the scene prior to detonation. AEA Technology is developing a system which enables the sphere itself to be driven remotely as a robot and which has a small manipulator arm to enable the device to be carefully loaded into the sphere.
AEA Technology's RAPTOR® manipulator is the foundation several systems which are helping to ensure the safety of police officers and bomb disposal operatives in a number of varied applications.

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About AEA Technology
AEA Technology Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) has delivered leading edge technology solutions for over 30 years to a variety of customers including the US federal government, public utilities, international governments and a variety of commercial clients.  AEA Technology Battery Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEA Technology plc (LSE: AAT), one of the United Kingdom's leading-edge technology firms. 

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