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New Power Fluidic System for STTs

In November, ESI kicked off a project to design and fabricate a Power Fluidic system capable of mobilizing and retrieving waste from one of five shielded transfer tanks (STTs) currently stored on the ORNL site.  The STTs were originally used to ship high-level waste during the 1950s and 1960s from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) to ORNL. The Model II Tanks, including STT-5, were later modified and used to ship waste from Hanford to ORNL. During the 1970s, STT-5 was further modified for shipping waste within ORNL.
Following use, the STTs have been stored at ORNL for several decades with no baseline technology identified for retrieval of the waste from them. Due to the complex configuration of the STTs and the nature of the waste in them, this project represents significant technical challenges which ESI is uniquely qualified to address based on past waste retrieval experience. These challenges include limited access to the tank, in-tank obstructions, stringent requirements for the tank end-state and the presence of curium in the waste which makes it difficult to prevent the spread of contamination. All of these are challenges ESI has successfully overcome in the past via careful engineering design.
It is likely that a successful deployment of the waste retrieval system on STT-5 will open the door to completion of retrieval of waste from the remaining STTs, thereby accelerating cleanup at ORNL and presenting opportunities for tackling retrieval from similar waste containers elsewhere in the DOE complex.
The design and fabrication of the Power Fluidic system will be completed on a fast track to support site schedule requirements with deployment scheduled for early summer 2006.  To facilitate this, ESI will utilize an existing inventory of long-lead time items that remained from a previous project.  Furthermore, the system will incorporate existing components of Power Fluidic equipment that have been successfully deployed previously around the DOE complex and are currently available for re-use.

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