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NuVision Engineering ARTISAN: Continued Success at West Valley

August 12, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA

NuVision Engineering has continued to successfully support the cleanup effort at the DOE West Valley site in New York. Following the initial delivery of an ARTISAN arm to the site in September 2009, NuVision Engineering has deployed the system on a telescoping mast to lower the arm into the 12’ diameter, 70’ deep silo to cut and remove more than 5500 feet of piping which has been packaged for disposal. The ARTISAN has also used grinders and impact wrenches to unbolt and size reduce a number of tanks within the silo, as well as shears to cut pipe up to 2 inches in diameter and band saw/circular saws to cut large pipe and structural members.

The operation and productivity of the system has far exceeded the customers’ expectations and, as a result, NuVision Engineering has recently had their contract expanded to modify the arm and design fixtures to enable the cutting of larger structural components including I-beams.


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