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Non-Destructive Examination Product Line Highlights

The results are finally in! The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has published its report containing data from a rotor boresonic test completed by ESI’s NDE group over a year ago. The evaluation, consisting of a blind boresonic test, required the examination of nine blocks containing induced and artificial flaws.
The process of performing ultrasonic examination of a steam turbine or generator rotor bore from the bore surface, known as boresonic inspection, provides a vital piece of the puzzle when attempting to predict the remaining life of these critical power plant components. EPRI evaluation results such as those earned by ESI are an indicator of the quality of a boresonic inspection system and therefore also an important benchmark within the industry. The state-of-the-art contact bore examination system currently used by the NDE team was recently purchased from the manufacturer AIS, a California company, and can accommodate most bottles, tapers and steps on bores ranging from 2.8” to 10” in diameter.
Recently, a crew consisting of NDE Group Manager David Dechene, Harry Dumas and newest addition Timothy Febbie, a seasoned ASNT Level II, completed a job for Generator and Motor Services in Turtle Creek, PA. This week, several technicians head to West Terre Haute, IN, to examine two rotors at Wabash River Generating Station for Duke Energy Indiana. Then they’re off to upstate New York to support NRG Dunkirk Station’s outage as boresonic sub-contractor to Wood Group Lovegreen Division. EPRI report 1013284, Evaluation of the AEA Technology Engineering Services AIS Rotor Bore Ultrasonic Imaging System, is now available for download from the EPRI website,

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