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Sponge Abrasive Decontamination

NuVision Engineering can provide radiological decontamination services to commercial nuclear and government facilities, and we can support many non-nuclear applications as well. We have successfully provided customers worldwide with engineered decontamination systems.

The Sponge Abrasive Cleaning and Decontamination systems are unique, dust-free ways to efficiently clean many types of surfaces.

We have successfully deployed decontamination equipment and operations in the areas of:

  • Pipe-End Decontamination (PED) for Steam Generator Replacement Projects (SGRP) and ‘Safe-Play’ repairs

  • Equipment, structural steel, and concrete decontamination


Benefits of our decontamination system include:

  • Little, if any, dust is generated during the blasting process, reducing the potential for airborne contamination
  • Lightweight, portable equipment
  • Equipment can be automated to reduce man-rem exposure
  • Wide selection of abrasive blast medias to accommodate a variety of surface cleaning needs
  • Rapid surface decontamination with minimal change to the surface profile
  • Media can be recycled up to 5 times and may possibly be incinerated, further reducing waste
  • Soft media can be compacted up to 6 to 1 ratio
  • Dry blasting - no liquid waste to clean up
  • High decontamination factors are achieved with a single blasting pass
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