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About Us


A Technology and Applications Engineering Company

Founded in 1971, NuVision Engineering, Inc. has delivered leading-edge technology solutions to a variety of customers including the US Federal Government, public utilities, international governments and a variety of domestic and international clients for more than 30 years.


Energy – Power Plant Engineering & Services

Environment – Technologies for Waste Cleanup

Products / Services

MSIP® - patented technology to improve nuclear safety through crack mitigation in power plant welds

Decontamination - efficient and effective system for decontaminating pipe-ends and other artifacts in nuclear power plants during standard maintenance operations

Engineering Design & Analysis - Experienced engineering resources at your service 

Power Fluidics - maintenance-free systems for mixing, sampling, and retrieving hazardous/radioactive liquids, slurries and sludges

Robotics - a suite of heavy-duty manipulators for cleanup of contaminated environments, ordnance destruction, anti-terrorism activities and hazardous operations

Waste Treatment
- technologies for treating and/or stabilizing complex, hazardous waste streams 



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